Managed Direct Advertising and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

We help companies select the right path for advertising success.

Whether it's converting over wasted print ad dollars to Google AdWords or Facebook advertising, or choosing to stay with a great print publication that still works, we try to match our customers to advertising channels that will deliver the highest number of targeted impressions to their audience, the greatest number of actions or the highest number of clicks.

As print advertising began to fail in the market place we often joked that we weren’t really an ad agency, since we didn’t see the result we felt our customers deserved for their investment. The past few years of success with online advertising has given us a path that we're pleased to recommend to clients. Return On Investment from search engine marketing (SEM) through Google Adwords or Google Adwords Express, compelling graphic, video or text ads on the Google Display Network, and Facebook advertising campaigns has demonstrated a path forward with options and opportunities for most businesses.

- Google search advertising and other search advertising (SEM)
- Google display advertising and other display advertising
- Facebook Advertising

Success story: A key client recently asked us to reexamine the work performed by a national agency. We were tasked with increasing conversions by 25%. We’ve seen as much as a 400% increase for the past five months.

Success story: We recently compared 6000 ad impressions in a national magazine to 8,000,000 targeted impressions through Facebook (same price over the month) and found that we’d received 4,051 click-throughs to our website from the Facebook ads. The difference is staggering.

If you’re still spending on print advertising, it’s time to run head-to-head tests and see the difference. Try our Managed Direct Advertising program for 90 days and FIRE US if you don’t see strong improvements in the form of website traffic, conversions and sales.