Nooksack Northwood Casino's Winning Streak

Washington state's most-profitable per capita casino partnered with us to build on their winning streak.

The result? In the vernacular of the gaming industry: We really hit the jackpot.

Key areas of focus: Custom Games with Social Media Tie-Ins, SEO, Facebook Ad Campaigns (and Like pages), Print Media, Constant Contact Email Marketing, Demographics Analysis and ROI.

Marketing Audit Time

It's the perfect time to take stock of how your marketing is currently performing as you make plans for fall sales and marketing campaigns.

Before you can embark on a major campaign to increase click-through rates, conversions and sales, you need to have a sense of where you are in the marketplace. Who are your competitors? How do you rank? How are you communicating? How well are you articulating your brand, your offers and your value? Which technologies are working well for you – and which aren't? We have a metrics-based approach to our research, implementation and testing that helps us determine where you are currently, what needs to happen next, and how we will gauge success. - Strategy Review - Content & Design Review - Prioritized list of keywords with search volumes and competition levels - Competitive Analysis - Technology Review

Managed Direct Advertising and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

We help companies select the right path for advertising success.

Whether it's converting over wasted print ad dollars to Google AdWords or Facebook advertising, or choosing to stay with a great print publication that still works, we try to match our customers to advertising channels that will deliver the highest number of targeted impressions to their audience, the greatest number of actions or the highest number of clicks.

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